Tuesday, September 19, 2006

South African theatre classic back on stage

Sizwe Banzi is Dead, written by Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona had a good showing at the Market Theatre’s main stage from September 28 to October 22, 2006.

The play tells the story of Sizwe Banzi (Winston Ntshona), a rural black worker who leaves his home in King William’s Town to seek employment in Port Elizabeth. He is ordered to leave the district because his identity pass is not in order. With his friend Buntu (John Kani), he comes across a dead man with a valid pass. Desperate, they steal his pass and forge his photograph. Sizwe assumes the dead man’s identity so that he can remain in the city to provide for his wife and four children.

Although the work is set in apartheid South Africa, its exploration of the theme of identity remains just as relevant twelve years into our democracy. While calling for political change, it also made its audience aware that new and better political systems ultimately depend on a change of heart for all involved.

The original 1975 Tony Award-winning duo, Kani and Ntshona, here perform this classic tale for the first time since it was produced thirty years ago. Aubrey Sekhabi, Artistic Director of the State Theatre directed this internationally celebrated production which offers the audience a unique and historic theatre experience

Contact the Market Theatre for more information or email: Lusanda@markettheatre.co.za


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